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Baran-Blue, Miss Candyfloss

The perfect summer dress, the Baran-Blue

This dress was gifted to me by Miss Candyfloss, and is a part of a collaboration. Get 25% off their webstore * this week by using the code PENNY25OFF <3

* Not including the AW 20-21 collection, valid until August 30th 2020

You probably know by now, Miss Candyfloss is one of my absolute favourite brands, and I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with them on this dress!

The Baran-Blue dress was released with their summer collection this year, and is the perfect late summer dress. It's made in a stretch fabric, has adjustable straps that can go both crosswise and straight, a matching belt, and of course pockets!

The dress is a dark sand color with blue and white accents, and will go with my wardrobe both in summer and early fall when the leaves start changing. Sands and browns are colours I normally have to be careful with, as a warm brown will wash me out completely. This however is cool enough to play off the tones in my hair, and I quite love it!

This dress shines in the sunlight, but it is no less beautiful in indoor lights, and at work! Or, prancing around the home office. It works just as well without the belt, perfect for videocalls when you want to be comfortable but still look dressed up <3

Thank you again Miss Candyfloss for sending me this dress, and remember to use the code PENNY25OFF this week for 25% off on their webstore <3