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Brand Review - Charlie Stone Shoes

Shoes. Vintage looking and comfortable shoes that you can wear all day to work but still feel nice and put together. It's a difficult task!

Shoes. Vintage looking and comfortable shoes that you can wear all day to work but still feel nice and put together. It's a difficult task!

I first discovered Charlie Stone Shoes a few years ago online, and always thought they looked absolutely beautiful. However they were quite pricy, as nice shoes often are, and I've never quite gotten used to the idea of buying shoes online. Norwegian customs laws are also very strict when buying from out of the country, so returning is not an option.

It was with a heavy heart that I resigned myself to just looking and admiring these beautiful shoes from afar.

That was, until I went by Revival Retro in May, and discovered they had the shoes. In my size. Aaah!

Love at first sight

After trying a few different styles, I ended up going home with the Roma in Mahogany Croc. I was so happy with them in fact, after two weeks of wearing them when I received a discount code, and I ended up ordering two more pairs. The Toscana in Dark Green, and Luxe Montpellier in Cream.


I find these shoes fit true to size. I am an EU 37 in Dr Martens, in Converse, in Louboutin, and in Charlie Stone. In wideness my feet are quite normal.

Their shoes range from Narrow,  Regular, and Wide, and the size chart explain which styles are best for each fit.

Without knowing I picked out one pair of narrow fit shoes (Toscana) and two pair of Wide fit shoes (Montpellier, and Roma). Although all of their shoes fit me very well, I can definitely tell the difference.


I have very little patience, and I am not someone to "just wear my shoes for an hour at a time" the first few times. When I'm in shoes it's because I have to wear them for a few hours at a time. So I did.

These shoes are all different materials and widths, so therefor I am divvying them in one by one. But in general, they are all very comfortable and I have worn them nearly every day since I got my first pair in May. For my particular foot, the Roma fits the best.


The first pair I got were the pair Roma. Wide fit, vegan shoes. I decided to take them straight out and wear them for two full days of shopping in London in a row. After a few hours on the first day my pinky toes started getting sore, and I had to opt for a preventative blister bandaid. This could have been prevented by wearing stockings or tights, but it was warm and I didn't want to.

The shoes were never tight, but brand new shoe rubbing on the same spot for a long time will make your feet sore. I still put them on the next day for another full day of shopping though.


The narrow pair. While I didn't know they were narrow when I picked them up, I sure noticed the fit was different when I got them! They were just wide enough for my feet, which I was worried would be a problem with comfort. The night before my first wear I had gotten two nearly-blisters from walking in bad ballerina shoes, and these hit in the same spot.

To my amazement, even though they fit tightly and hit in the same spot (outer side of knuckle on pinky toe) they did not rub, or hurt, at all. They also got softer even quicker than my Romas, and were completely fine and very comfortable for three full days of wear in a row. They are still tighter than the two other pairs, but has widened a little bit.

Luxe Montpellier

I tried these in the regular flat version in London, but had to leave them behind. So when I saw them come in the new Luxe I finally had a reason to get them! I was fully expecting these shoes to be uncomfortable and high enough to not want to wear to work, but I was proven wrong!

The heel is actually quite low, similar in height to a dance shoe from what I can tell. I put these babies on, got on my bike, and biked to work. And then walked around for a full day of work. They were never uncomfortable, never rubbed, softened right up, and is just the perfect height for a littlebit of heel without being uncomfortable. A heel will never be as light and flexible to wear as a flat, but this is just about the closest you can get. They do squeak a bit when you walk, I'm assuming it's due to the leather lacing at the front.  


I find these shoes to be of superb quality, and well worth the price. They are adorable, look great with all sorts of vintage styles, and are comfortable to wear all day. The sole is soft enough to stay comfortable, and the straps keep your foot well in place. All of mine have a cute design with breathing space, which works well for summer days.

The full leather shoes are definitely softer and take less time to wear in. They soften up really fast and form to your foot, while the vegan shoe more just widens out and doesn't soften quite as much. While I prefer the leather, I am super happy that the vegan option exists, and you can not tell which is which by looking at them!

Charlie Stone - the company

Charlie Stone was created in Sydney by Samantha Capello, who saw a need for comfortable, wearable, and elegant shoes. It has since grown to be a brand that creates both gorgeous flats, heels, and purses! In addition to soft leather shoes, there is also a range of vegan options.

They have a list of stockists here, and otherwise you can shop through their website. I ordered my second and third pair online (with free shipping) Friday June 7th, and they arrived at my door Monday June 17th. Australia to Norway in 7 business days, that's quite impressive! They shipped with DHL, and I had the option to get them delivered straight to work since I wasn't home during the day.

Customer Service
As someone who has worked in customer service, let me tell you that the customer service I have been in contact with through Charlie Stone has been absolutely superb. I reached out to them about an issue with my first pair of Roma shoes, due to some scuffing that had happened on the tip, and a lifted insole. Within a few hours they had issued a replacement and a brand new pair was on their way to me in the mail.  

While the company is an Australian company, the shipments are sent out from Hong Kong. I have not found any further details about their manufacturing process.

Final thoughts

All in all, I absolutely adore these shoes and will continue to wear them until they fall apart. Which I think is still a long long time from now.

If I had to pick a favourite it would be the Roma flats. On me they are the most comfortable, and the design that I think looks the best on my foot. The colour goes with everything, and is easy to match to nearly all of my clothes. Paired with a brown leather bag and a brown leather belt and I'm ready to go!