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Brand Review - Miss Candyfloss

I first discovered Miss Candyfloss two years ago, and while I had some of their skirts I was very curious about their dresses. Problem was, I could never find their dresses in my size in store. I fell in love with their fun and dressy aesthetics, and seeing their clothes just makes me… happy.

I seem to have a thing for Swedish brands. This is one of them.

About the brand

Miss Candyfloss is a Swedish brand created in 2009 by sisters Adele and Noemi, that take inspiration from the 1940s and 1950, but with a 21st century twist. Their manufacturing takes place in Transylvania, and under European fair trade conditions. The clothes are not mass produced (which means your size might sell out fast), and they take working conditions, salaries, and item quality very seriously.

Although their website can be a bit clunky sometimes, I really appreciate that they use a few different models, and always list the height of the model and which size she's wearing. Having the same selection of models in a variety of the dresses also make it easier to compare!

Most of their dresses range is size from XS - 5XL, and I find they fit very true to size.

I have always appreaciated that they promote all shapes, sizes, and ableness on their social media, although a majority of their posts include Northern European models or instagrammers. As it is a smaller European brand, this isnt surprising, and seems to be a representation of their customer based.

My thoughts

I first discovered Miss Candyfloss two years ago, and while I had some of their skirts I was very curious about their dresses. Problem was, I could never find their dresses in my size in store. I fell in love with their fun and dressy aesthetics, and seeing their clothes just makes me… happy.

However, since I knew my size in their skirts and in their blouses, I decided to take a chance and pick up some dresses from their sale! And I am so thrilled I did. I discovered my all time favourite cut of dresses, which I have now collected quite a few of…

I know it will fit me, will be flattering, and I know the quality will be superb. Every season I will look through both their new items and their sales list, and see if I can add anything to my collection.

Below I have listed my summer dresses from them. I am 160cm tall and wear a size XS throughout, which is my typical size. My measurements are a very good match for an XS in their size chart, so I must say they fit very true to size. I have not ironed or steamed any of them, but left them in their natural "freshly washed" state, so you know how the fabrics behave. Every one of them will steam easily and look fantastic and wrinkle free. I wash them all on 40 degrees regular unless stated otherwise.


This is my newest addition, and is the most dressy version I have. I wore it to my (soon to be) brother in law's wedding and I absolutely love it! It fits true to size, has very little stretch, and is in a thick fabric that both looks and feels very high quality. It comes with a belt in the same fabric, but today I opted for a white one. I have not had to wash mine yet, but according to the internet it does just fine, but might need a round with the steamer afterwards.


This is a light and stretchy dress is one of the newer addition, and has become a quick favourite! It is extremely comfortable to wear, and I've worn it multiple times in the same week. It wear very well, and it looks just as perfect after a few rounds in the washing machine.

63% PE, 32% VI, 5% EA

My birthday dress! This is one of my newest dresses, and one of the few I bought in store, at Manillusion here in Oslo. I tend to be careful when picking out new silhuettes and shapes, so I'm very glad I got to try it on!

This dress is a soft and thicker nearly-wrinkle-free fabric. The zipper is on the side under one arm, which is good to know in advance! However you do have enough room in the top get your head through without messing up hair or makeup too much.

Cotton ?

Another summer favourite that I recently got a hold of. The fabric feels like a canvasy cotton, and it looks fairly wrinkle resistant. It has little to no stretch, but does creep up on your legs if you choose to wear nylons. This is what slip dresses are for!


One of my first ever Miss Candyfloss dresses, and the one that made me fall in love with the brand. It's feminine, sweet, comfortable, and easy to wear. It is a thinner cotton and wrinkles quite a lot, but I have never gotten around to steaming it. Am absolute must for summer for me. And it has pockets!


The darker sister of the Mila-Regina, this is very similar in fit and fabric. I would say the fabric here is a tiny bit softer and therefor wrinkles a bit less. The zipper is also a tiny bit shorter, so while I can pull the Mila-Regina up, I tend to put this one on over my head. The pink here is slightly darker, and the belt is slimmer. Also has pockets!


I'm not a big dessert fan, but for this dress I'll make an exception! It is a cotton non-stretchy dress, and as you can see it wrinkles quite a bit. A little steam or iron will take that right out, but I work long shifts so I typically don't bother unless I'm dressing up for something.

Augustina Rose

My "Norway" dress as I like to call it. It is in a thin canvasy material, and is very light and airy for summer. I have not had a chance to wash it yet.

63% polyester,32% viscose,5%Elastan

Rainbow fantasy. Medium thick fabric, wrinkles a bit but not too much. The bottom actually wrinkles more than the blue parts, and because of the rainbow addition it matches a lot of different colours! While the blue parts are fairly stretchy the rainbow details are not. Can get tight if you eat a large dinner.

Probably a polyester mix

Why be dull when you can be pink. This muted pink dress is in a semi thick fabric, similar in color to the pink accents on my Mila-Lee dress. it has pockets and wrinkles a bit but not bad.

Probably a polyester mix

I end up not wearing this dress a lot, probably because of the colour, which is just a bit too muted for me. I really like the details on it though, and it's a very early fall / early spring dress. It is soft and a bit stretchy, but NOT on the white details. Good to know if you plan on eating. It wrinkles a bit, but nothing crazy.