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Corrine-Kat, Miss Candyfloss

A review of the new Corrine-Kat dress by Miss Candyfloss

This dress was gifted by Miss Candyfloss <3

All thoughts are my own, and Miss Candyfloss has not paid me in relation to this dress and have no say on the content of the post.


This week I had the opportunity to try one of the new releases by Miss Candyfloss, the Corrine-Kat dress!

For me it feels like a perfect work dress, well fitting but stretchy and comfortable, pockets, a belt, and a flattering but still fairly high neckline. It has a pleated kickpleat giving you quite a lot of walking space for a pencil dress.
The fabric is a checkered teal with accents of purple and grey. In sizing I find it very similar to my other Miss Candyfloss dresses, and I wear my regular size.
According to their measurements I fall on the smaller end of the size I'm wearing, XS, and it's a comfortable fit. For reference I am 160cm tall, and it hits me just below the knee.

The dress features a back zip just underneath the collar, which means you put it on over your head. Because of the neckline I had plenty of space here both getting it off and on, but be wary of having your hair in a bun while you do this. It goes on easily, and I had to issues with it getting stuck anywhere on the way


When going into fall, I typically choose stronger colours, and this is a good example. With my hair and skintone, this dress for me needs other strong colours to look it's best. Luckily, I have quite a few accessories that both do and need just that!
I paired it with my big dark green cat eye glasses, that was a gift from Eyefactory last year. I went quite heavy and dark (for daytime) on the brows and eye makeup, as well as a dark burgundy lipstick, the new Myth shade by Lisa Eldridge. For my nails I had just happened to paint them with the new Purple With Envy multuchrome shade from holotaco, and it was a perfect fit! The blue and the purple shades in the multichrome was a near perfect match for the dress.
I tried a few different cardigans with this dress, and while I almost landed on a mustard (which was also fabulous) I in the end went for my purple homemade cardigan, who my best friend (and photographer here)  Kristine made for me for Christmas a while back!

For shoes I went with a plain black, to pull through the accent colours from my dress and makeup.