Everyday Makeup

A quick overview of my everyday makeup

I love makeup. But I also love sleep, and during the week I work 8 hours a day at a desk job that also involves a lot of running around.

While I love getting completely dressed and done up, I keep my every day makeup very minimal and simple, and try to keep it all to around 5-10minutes.  My requirements typically are: Fast, easy, doesn't require me to check it in the mirror every hour.

Typically I focus on a light but even base, filled in brows, lashes, liner, and lips. This version is sped up, but if you scroll all the way down you can find the real-time version, because a lot of the time I find that very useful as well!

Speedy version

After washing my face I apply broad spectrum SPF 50+ (or my 35+ if the weather is real bad) all over my face, and dap some eyecream under my eyes. I do a light application of foundation all over my face using my hands, because who has time to use anything else at 7am.

During winter I'm a Fenty Beauty 120 and summer I'm a Fenty 170, and the rest of the year I mix the two. My skin typically evens out a fair bit and my pores seem to tighten when it's had some sun, so in the middle of summer I swap to a tinted SPF. A light touch of Fenty concealer in 170, and a light dusting of powder and I'm ready. I find that the powder makes smudging from glasses worse, so if I'm wearing them I'll skip powder on the side of the nose.

I lightly fill in my brows with Anastasia brow wiz in medium brown, focusing on the top arch where I have a scar, and the tail. My browns turned out a bit too uneven here, which is a problem for me and my light brows depending on the light I'm in. Typically in indoor lighting I'll hold my hand over my brow to cast some shade on it, to better see what I'm doing.

For liner I really love my Stila Waterproof stay all day liner, but anything waterproof with a thin tip is great. Because of my hooded eyes I do what I like to call a "bat liner", focusing only on the outer sections. Mid-summer I'll usually skip the liner, or use a brown eyeshadow instead.

Right now I'm trying out lash extensions, which is why my lashes are so black before makeup! So far I really like them,  and they save me a lot of time in the morning. I try to keep them as close to my natural lashes as possible, with single-lashes. When wearing my extensions I have to opt for a non-waterproof liner, and honestly I haven't found a really good one yet.

When I don't have extensions on I have long, but very blonde and very straight and stubborn lashes. To keep them up I'll curl them a few times, and add waterproof mascara. Here I'm using just a light coat of extension-safe mascara to blend my own into the extensions.

Lastly I add some lip tint, here I'm using the Lancôme matte shaker which is really easy and quick to apply. If I'm dressing up slightly more I'll swap to my Besame American Beauty.

And that's it! If you want to see the full thing in real time you can check that out here =)

The full speed version!