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Glamorous Corsets - Jolie Short Review

The Corset post! Follow me as I season the new Jolie Short corset by Glamorous corsets

Finally, the corset post! This corset was gifted to me by Glamorous Corsets <3
They also gave me an affiliate link and a coupon code, so you can find their shop here and use the code PENNY15 for 15% off =) 
If you decide to use my link when shopping with them I earn a small commission, but Glamorous Corsets are not paying me to post this, and all thoughts are my own.

I get asked about shapewear quite a lot, and truth be told I almost never wear it. I have always liked the look of them but I never get used to wear it, and with my job it is not at all practical to wear it on a daily basis. I do think it can be a lot of fun to wear it in pictures and see how things like a corset can change the look, but I feel it's very important to always let it be known when shapewear and especially corset are worn.

Because I never quite got into shapewear, I never got into seasoning, or breaking in a corset, which is perhaps why I always found them so uncomfortable. I had heard about Glamourous Corsets through a friend of mine, so when they contacted me last month to review a corset for them I was happy to do so!

I am wearing the Jolie Short Cotton Corset. This corset can be used for waist training, although that is not what I'll be using mine for.

The Jolie in affect

The Jolie over a satin slip

When wearing it under tight and light colored clothes and stockings I will wear my Rago shorts on top, and a beige slip over that. The front panel of the shorts will hide the front of the corset, and the slip will even out the colour!

Black corset under white dress, apparently no problem!


Corsets are meant to be tightened, so you typically choose a corset a few inches smaller than your natural waist. It is also very important to keep torso length in mind, so Glamourous Corsets had me measure my different torso measurements both in length and width, and recommended me the Jolie Short corset. It is a classic underbust corset with extra space for your hip bones, a must for me I have later found out.


A corset it ment to go around your body and be pretty tight, so before you lace it in all the way, if you want it to be comfortable, you want to season it, break it in. Think of a new pair of shoes. You want to mold the corset to you, and as a plus side you will get used to wear it for a little at a time. Glamorous corsets explained the whole process and sent along a pamphlet, but in short I wore it about 40-90min a day for about 10 days, longer if needed, and only laced it to where it felt firm but not restrictive.

Here you can see the progress day by day! I wore them around mid day, some at night, for around an hour each day, fastening to the same level of comfort.

Day 1

For the first day I pretty much just laced the corset to where it was snug on my body, and wore it around the house for around an hour.

Day 2

Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
Day 8

Here you can see It closes all the way at the top, but still gap farther down. You should try to keep everything parallell, but that isnt always possible, especially when doing it yourself.

Day 9
Day 10!

After about 10 days I considered the corset seasoned or well enough worn in, it fits me beautifully and is comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

While I am in no way an expert on shapewear, I have really liked reviewing and seasoning this corset, and although I have a few now this one fits me the absolute best, and is the one I will continue using for shoots in the future!

Thank you to Glamorous Corsets for gifting me with this piece, and you can check at their store for yourself here.