My Everyday Hair

Hair is one of those areas of pinup where I want to spend the least amount of time possible, on a day to day basis.

Hair is one of those areas of pinup where I want to spend the least amount of time possible, on a day to day basis.

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time on elaborate hairstyles when I get dressed up, but if I'm already getting up at 06:30 every day I need all the sleep I can get. And that means no rollers, no pincurls, no time spent taming my massive amount of hair.

I also try to use the least amount of product possible in my hair, so I very very rarely use hairspray. Because my hair is naturally wavy, it holds a curl very well, and I find that as long as I use enough leave-in conditioner, my curls hold well without getting frizzy.

This past Christmas I finally got my hand on a Dyson Airwrap, and it has been an absolute godsend for my hair. I did a lot of review-reading before purchasing it, because it is not priced like your regular hairdryer. In the end, it was worth it for me.

With my current routine, I only do my hair every 3-4 days when I wash it, and in the morning all I do is brush through and put it up if I feel like it.

Not only does it dry it a lot faster than my old dryer, but the styling attachments means I can go from wet to dry and styled hair in about 15min. For reference it takes a hairstylist about 15-20min to blowdry it, and about 8-9 hours to airdry completely.

The Airwrap is basically an air styler that blowdries your hair in whatever shape and direction of the attachment. There are brushes that blow it straight, barrels that blow it into a curl, and a round-brush I never use. I look at the barrel attachement as an instant wetset. Curling iron, but without the damage.

The sound was left in purely so you can tell when and how I use the air flow <3
Also I like the sound of hairbrushing what can I say

When I style my hair I first start with the regular blow dryer attachment, to get my hair to about 60% dry. I have found this to be the sweet-spot for my hair, it's wet enough to still be styled but it won't take forever to do.

Because I'm in a hurry, I usually separate my hair around my ears and do everything behind that with the smoothing brush.

When that is sufficiently dry I switch to the barrel attachments, and curl outwards away from my face. I about 20 seconds per section, 10 with hot air and 10 with cold.

When my front sections are done I will pick about 3-4 more sections at the back of my hair to give it some more life. I get dressed, brush though my hair, and we're good to go!

On days where I bike I will usually pin up the curled bits of my hair, and bring a mini-brush to work so I can brush through it when I take them out.

And voila! I sleep on them like normal (But with a silk pillowcase) and they stay until I wash my hair again.