Fashion Thoughts

Organizing my closet

I love clothes, but I also love sleeping. With an office job starting around 8am, I want to sleep as long as possible and spent as little time as possible picking out an outfit combination to test if it works.

I love clothes, but I also love sleeping. With an office job starting around 8am, I want to sleep as long as possible and spent as little time as possible picking out an outfit combination to test if it works.

I want to reach in my closet, grab what I feel like that that, instantly see what works with it, and get dressed. I also love all my clothes, and I want to see them all as much as possible!

For me, this means I have to have my closet organised by colour and by season. Which means, every fall and every spring I swap out nearly all the clothes in my closet with all the clothes in my basement!

Cardigans by Emmy Design Sweden
Dresses by Miss Candyfloss

Colours and clothes are closely tied to how I feel, and I use them as a way to cheer myself up or to express my feelings that day. It isn't really a conscious thing, but I gravitate more towards thicker fabrics and darker colours when the weather is dark and cold. When the sun comes back and the flowers start blooming I fall head first into bright colours again.

Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter wardrobe has the biggest variety in colours, because it incorporates both warm and cool colours, browns and blacks. I don't adhere to strict "rules" of colours or fashion, but I prefer the combos of cool with cool and warm with warm. Most of the time.

Fall and Winter for me is:
Dark colours, Thick Fabrics, Black, Red, Brown, and Grey.

Some of these come with me to spring and summer, but very few!
Bonuspoints for the cat in the corner there

What I do base my wardrobe around, is colour families. Earth tones vs not earth tones. Brown vs Black.

With a Brown Based outfit I will wear greens, oranges, blues, burgundy, etc.

Brown/Burgundy based, soft colors

With a Black Based outfit I will wear grey, white, red. This isn't a rule I follow strictly, but it's the baseline of what I work with. Think soft colours (brown) or harsh colours (black)

Black/Red based, sharp colors


If I'm wearing a dress or a skirt I will pair my brown based outfits with coloured tights like mustard, burgundy, blue. Any black based outfit will be paired with black tights. During winter I mostly wear winter boots outside, and at work I will keep one brown-based and one black pair of inside shoes.

This way, when I wake up in the morning, I first pick what dress or skirt/pant/blouse combo I want to wear. After that it is fairly simple to pick a cardigan to match, maybe a pair of tights, maybe a brooch, and I'm good to go!

Spring and Summer

Cardigan and purse by Collectif
Dress by Miss Candyfloss

Bright colours make me happy.
During spring and summer, nearly all of my closet is pastel based. Which means, most of my closet goes together, in the summer version of my Brown category from earlier.

Cardigan by Emmy Design Sweden
Dress by Miss Candyfloss

My most pressing issue is making sure to have a variety of colours to work with, so I'm not wearing the same coloured cardigan as dress. Although I loove dresses, I also keep things interesting with skirts, pants, shorts, and blouses.

Cardigan by Emmy Design Sweden
Dress by Collectif

Spring and Summer for me means:
Bright colours, Thin Fabrics, Pastels, Pink, Blue, Yellow.

During summer I like to organise my hanging items first my type, then by brand, and then by colour. (Dress, Miss Candyfloss, Blue --> Pink) This is the easiest way for me to find things. For folded items, I do type followed by colour. (Long sleeve, pattern, brown -> blue -> pink -> white)


In terms of shoes, I have my brown flats from earlier, and a plethora of pastel ballerina shoes. For colour matching, I try to take either an accent colour from my outfit or a compliment colour, and use it for my purse, cardigan, and shoes. Unless the shoes and purse are brown leather, in which case any cardigan will work. You typically will not see me use a main colour of the dress in the cardigan or purse.

All of these tricks means I can wear something that cheers me up every day, try new combinations, but still spent as little time as possible in the morning <3