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Pinup Jewellery

Some of this jewellery was gifted by Splendette <3

Accessories. Jewellery. They can really take your outfit to the next level, and pull a whole look together!

It is often the last steps you go to, and it can be difficult to decide just which pieces to pick. Do you go classic, modern, retro, pinup, or something in between?

When I find accessories, I try to pull out colours from the rest of my outfit, and use the accent colours if there are any, or colours I think pair well with the overall look. I explained some of this in my Organising my Closet post, if you want to read more.

The jewellery box

When it comes to jewlery I am of two minds. It either has to be classic an blingy (think silver, or gold with stones), or it needs to be colourful!

Most of my summer outfits contains some combination of blue, pink, yellow, and green. The first three I can all pair together, but Green I will typically only pair with yellow.

Although I don't have a complete compilation of all my jewellery, these are my most used pieces.

Splendette Candy
Splendette Candy, and Pale Peach
Splendette Candy, and Pale Peach
Dress from UniqueVintage, Manillusion
Splendette Candy, and Pale Peach
Splendette Bluebell
Splendette x Miss Victory Violet
Splendette Deep Green
Splendette Powder Blue
Splendette Navy
Accessorize Patricia Leaf
Penny Heartbleed Photographed at Fontaine's with hair by Missy Victory Violet and Make Up by Miss Honey Bare © Tigz Rice Ltd 2019.
Splendette Variety
Vintage and high street pearls
Jewellery by Collectif, from Manillusion