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Summer and Strawberries - Stop Staring

Who doesn't love strawberries!

StopStaring was one of the first brands I came across when shopping at Manillusion, and I was instantly hooked. They are actually one of the reasons I got into vintage at all! Never before had I found nice dresses that actually fit me the way I wanted them to.

Strawberry dress by StopStaring
Purse by Collectif Clothing
Bangles and earrings by Splendette
From Manillusion
Necklace from HM
Shoes from Tamaris

Because I'm petite, most of my dresses will be just a bit too long in the torso, and fold a bit in my back.  I find that my StopStaring dresses are very petite friendly, and is just the right length and proportions for me.

Their white dresses tend to be a bit see through though, so it might be an idea to wear a slip dress underneath if that isn't your style. Here I'm only wearing a Rago suspender girdle, and the pattern is quite visible.

This dress has some really nice stretch to it, so even if it fits quite tight it isn't uncomfortable, but sits just tight enough to feel secure and in place. I'm naturally a bit pear shaped, so I always try to balance out my shoulders to my hips. This type of neckline is perfect, with the gathering of fabric around the hips and chest, as well as a puffy sleeve!

When I accessorise I always try to bring through a few of the colours in the garment, which is what I did here as well. Here I choose to bring out the red and the yellow/gold, because those are the most prominent accents in the fabric, and using green as well would look too busy for me.

All in all, this is one of my absolute favourite summer dresses, and it keeps well year after year <3