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Tilly Prom Dress - Vintage Rose

Gifted by The Pretty Dress Company <3
I got a chance to try out their Tilly prom dress in the colour Vintage Rose, and while at my Pinup Retreat in Kornsjø I just had to take it out into the forest with me and get some Cinderella inspired pictures to share with you all.

Bright colours and clean lines, timeless and elegant. It's what I try to go for in my style, and it's something I admire about the dresses from The Pretty Dress Company.

The fabric in this dress is a thick and opaque, fully lined stretch cotton, including a lace trimmed underskirt. It also comes with a boned bodice, which means the dress stays up by itself! I gave it a good test by running and jumping, and it stayed in place all day. The arms have some extra stretch underneath the bows, which makes it very comfortable to wear and doesn't restrict movement.

The skirt of this dress is a full pleated prom skirt, with plenty of room, and pockets! I actually have both my phone, wallet, lipstick and compact mirror in my pockets in all these photos. From the size chart I should be a nearly perfect match to their size 8, which is what I'm wearing. The fit on me is very true to on their model, and has a little-bit of room in the waist. Because of the boning this is comfortable and I think a full size down would be too tight, so the size 8 is a good spot for me. If this was a pencil dress I might consider taking it in a bit in the waist, or simply wear a belt.

The Pretty Dress Company is both based and produced in the UK, and I think the great workmanship really shows. The fabrics, the patterns, and the construction of these dresses really make them worth the price, and I will definitely be looking out for more from them. I'm especially looking out for dresses in Lemon and Pale Blue, to complete my summer pastel fantasy.

To sum up.. I can't wait to wear this for my Bridal shower!