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Why I wear Vintage

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

For my first post, I wanted to tell the story of how and why I started dressing this way.

For me it was a gradual process, and it started with an interest in hair and makeup. I always prefered the style of liner and red lips with a structured loose wave to the hair, well before I knew it was a vintage style.

Because I'm petite, I have always struggled finding clothes that fit the way I wanted. I never had much curves, but I always had a small waist which I liked to exchentuate. No matter where I looked in "regular" stores, the fit was always wrong. The waist was in the wrong place and too loose, the hips were too small and the waist too big, and I wore mostly jeans and funny tshirts.

I never knew an  other options existed, until Sean and I happened to walk by Betty Page Clothing (now Tatyana's boutique) on a trip to the Mall of America. It was like stepping into heaven, it was filled with fancy dresses and skirts and blouses that actually fit me!From then on I wore vintage inspired silhuettes for every fancy occasion I could, and got comfortable with it.

A few years later I moved to Oslo, and again luck brought me to the right place. Manillusion. A shop specialising in vintage inspired clothing. I never knew this style could be worn every day! So slowly and steadily I started building up my closet, and started recording my outfits for instagram!

Since then I have only bought clothes that fit the way I want to, and in colors and styled I like. Now, two and a half years after I first stopped by Manillusion, nearly my entire wardrobe is vintage inspired and I look forward to getting dressed every day!